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Cat Cora & Alinea, Soleil Ho’s Work, & Josh Skenes Fraud on Ep. 92

Episode Summary

Your dose of news stories, articles & happenings from across the industry!

Episode Notes

Denmark wins Bocuse d’or 2019:
Michelin Guide Nordics 2019:
Daniel Calvert SCPM:
James Beard Semifinalists:
Restaurant Manifesto Tweet:
Yugen Update:
Joshua Skenes News:
A Fine Line:
Atomos Coffee:
elBulli 1846:
Next Review:,amp.html?__twitter_impression=true
Soleil Ho News:
Cat Cora/Alinea/Nick Kokonas fiasco:
Joe Beef Sober:
How Uber Eats is Influencing Apartment Design:

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